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GNI CT-scanning of a 10 years old Golden Retriever (35 kg) with a tumor behind the left eye
Today’s veterinary clinic is increasingly becoming a high-tech working environment. People who visit the modern veterinary clinic rightly expect contemporary procedures and precise treatments for their pets. The veterinary clinic must meet these expectations, and the higher the expectations, the more advanced and efficient the veterinarian will have to be. But let us not forget that the veterinary clinic is also a business. There is considerable pressure on the modern veterinary clinic to be up-to-date, efficient and flawless, invest in new equipment - as well as being able to run a sound business. At GNI, we are serious about meeting the demands of the modern veterinary clinic. We analyze both the clinic’s professional challenges and its business opportunities. Our conclusions are transferred to our product development and service programs. Click below for more information about the benefits.
The introduction of CT-scanners has led to much improved diagnosing. Until recently, CT-scanners were developed solely with human patients in mind. CT-scanning of animals, however - specifically cats, dogs and smaller pets - was not possible unless the veterinarian had access to large, complex and expensive scanners intended for humans.

Now GNI has changed all that.

We have introduced this powerful technology to the veterinary clinic. We believe that animals - like humans - are entitled to the best possible treatment. So we wish to help the people who treat animals by making this CT technology accessible to them. CT-scanning means that pets can now be diagnosed more precisely and treated more efficiently in less time. This again, means that fewer animals receive less than perfect treatments, suffer needlessly or are unnecessarily euthanized.

That is why we do what we do. We believe it is important!

Please note that the GNI Veterinary CT-scanner is only for CT-scanning of animals and is not under any circumstances for CT-scanning of humans.
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