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GNI CT-scanning of a 7 years old Affenpinscher dog with a prolaps between L4 and L5 right - click image to enlarge
Disassembled under installation
Inner nose of cat - click image to enlarge
Inner nose of cat - click image to enlarge
Our CT-scanners are easily installed. A GNI CT-scanner will pass through standard office door opening with no trouble at all and it can be up and running in one day.

Our CT-scanners are user-friendly and easy to use. Actually, they require less than a couple of hours training to operate.

A GNI CT-scanner takes up a minimum of floor space.

The CT-scanner requires a standard 110-220V plug.

GNI takes full responsibility for all regulatory requirements with regard to X-Ray radiation. The X-ray cabinet has built-in radiation shielding, so no extra expenses are needed to ensure a radiation free working environment. In addition, the builtin radiation shielding makes it easy to move the CT-scanner to a new location.

GNI has developed service and subscription plans to ensure long-lasting performance and profitability for the veterinary clinic.