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September 2013
GNI's patent is granted for the US.

October 2012
Installation of a GNI Veterinary CT-scanner in Belgium.

October 2012
GNI signs distributor agreement with Vtrade International in Belgium covering Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg and France.

September 2012
GNI's patent is granted for the EU.

January 2011
The GNI Veterinary CT-scanner goes into production.

December 2010
Installation of the first GNI Veterinary CT-scanner in a Danish veterinary hospital.

June 2009
The X-ray tube and camera has been optimized, which has improved the resolution. We are now performing CT-scannings with a pixel size of app. 0,10 mm x 0,10 mm.

October 2008
The GNI Veterinary CT-scanner is assembled and we are performing final calibration and testing.

June 2008
GNI presents for the first time the GNI Veterinary CT-scanner concept in Denmark and launch the new website.

June 2008
GNI files its Patent Application for the GNI Veterinary CT-scanner to the European Patent Office.

October 2007
GNI moves to new facilities at Høsterkøbvej 52, 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark.

June 2005
GNI completes the design of the GNI Veterinary CT-scanner.

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