The Veterinary CT-scanner by GNI is developed in Denmark in cooperation with European veterinarians, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the University of Copenhagen (the Niels Bohr Institute). The CT-scanner is a breakthrough innovation which completely targets the veterinarian’s need to optimize the diagnostic process with the same speed, efficiency and accuracy as known in the human healthcare sector.

GNI is founded by Gorm Nielsen and he has 20 years of experience in development and manufacturing of X-Ray and CT-scanning systems for research purposes. The X-ray Absorption System is not a part of GNI ApS or GNI ApS' product, service or support program, but further information can be found here:
X-ray Absorption Systems

CEO & Founder Gorm Nielsen
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Gorm Nielsen, CEO & Founder

Gorm holds a Master of Science (MSc) from the Danish Technical University, Department of Electronics with thesis title “Development of the multitasking operating system GNOS and the hardware for the Ørsted Star Imager Computer”. In 2005 Gorm Nielsen started up research and development of the GNI Veterinary CT-scanner and founded GNI ApS in 2007.

Work experience before GNI ApS:
Development and delivery to the Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA and Danish Technical University of a GNI X-ray absorption system for research into moisture transport in building materials.

CRI A/S (later Trema A/S) space division: System Engineer.

Danish Technical University (Department of Automation): Assistant professor, working in the area of hardware for high performance space electronics and computers.

Danish Technical University (Department of Electrophysics): Participant in Ørsted satellite project; responsibility for development of the operating system “GNOS” and hardware for the Ørsted Star Imager computer.