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Within the veterinarian community there is a growing desire to scan animals with CT-technology as known from the human healthcare sector. Therefore GNIís CT-scanner has been developed and designed to improve the diagnosis for smaller animals such as dogs, cats and exotic pets. The target users are medium-sized to larger veterinary clinics and hospitals with a weekly need down to 1 or 2 CT-scannings. The GNI CT-scanner is an affordable investment for most veterinary clinics and hospitals, and the CT-scanner is installed in a matter of hours in a standard clinic room without any preparations. The CT-scanner is easy to operate, and a veterinarian with X-ray experience will performe CT-scannings the same day the CT-scanner is installed.

GNIís veterinary CT-scanner is patented.

By CT-scanning the veterinarian achieves a very accurate diagnosis, which is the basis for the optimal therapeutic course. The high level of details and the high resolution in the images based on the CT-scanning from GNI makes it possible to diagnose diseases and sufferings previously difficult or impossible to diagnose.

GNI's Veterinary CT-scanner makes it possible for the veterinarian to CT-scan in-house in a resolution down to 0,20 mm x 0,20 mm in pixel size and 0,20 mm in slice thickness. The high resolution capability is ideal for CT-scanning of small pets.

The veterinarian can on the basis of the CT-scanning data, create any cross-sectional slices to be used for the diagnosis. With the aid of 3-dimensional rendering, a 3-dimensional model can be created of the CT-scanned part of the animal. In the 3-dimensional model the veterinarian may choose to filter out less important parts of the image to simplify the diagnosis.